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Company History

Paloma Grazia started out 25 years ago with a small boutique in Gajah Mada Plaza, one of the first shopping malls in Jakarta. Inspired by her mother's dress making, Farida Lie; the founder, followed in her mother’s footsteps and eventually designed and produced all the girl’s dresses that were sold in the shop. The shop grew more and more popular, and the brand was recognized amongst mothers looking for pretty dresses for their daughters. So successful were these designs that Ms. Lie decided to venture on creating a brand for her products.

‘Pretty Girl’ was created to meet the growing demand for girl’s dresses. The label soon had presence in the leading department stores all over Indonesia. It met the needs of an untapped market; hand-made dresses that boasted quality and design at an affordable price. Today, there are ___ counters in ___ department stores all over Indonesia and the number continues to grow.

Pretty Girl also caught the notice of several foreign buyers and soon the label was available in the Asia and the Middle East. Paloma Grazia has also designed and produced dresses for the in-house brands of department stores in those regions. Most recently, the company has been contracted to produce the party dresses of Luna Luna Copenhagen, a renowned designer childrenswear label based in California.

In addition, Paloma Grazia also holds the license for Disney Princess Party Dresses. These formal dresses are specifically developed for the high-end market and are showcased in upscale department stores such as Metro, Sogo and Kids Planet. Recently, Paloma Grazia has attained the license of Tinkerbell, which will soon also appear in the upper tier department stores all over Indonesia.

Paloma Grazia latest venture is the Pretty Girl casual clothing line, now available in the Matahari Department Stores all over Indonesia.

In 2009, the portfolio of Paloma Grazia continues to expand. Realizing the potential of both the domestic and export industry, Paloma Grazia is dedicated in making beautiful dresses with luxurious fabric and unique design. A dress manufactured by Paloma Grazia is one that will always be remembered.

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